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India's pioneer in the realm of insurance issuance, pioneering convenience and accessibility by being the country's inaugural WhatsApp-based insurance issuance platform.

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A cutting-edge Generative AI Platform designed to comprehensively address and answer all inquiries related to insurance, providing clients with swift and accurate information at their fingertips.

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WhatsApp Based Insurance

Streamline motor insurance selection and choose effortlessly through a single window.

Insurance GPT

A Generative AI Technology designed to answer users' queries related to insurance.

Renewal Journey

Receive timely policy renewal reminders for a seamless experience.

No More Paperwork and Phone Calls

Users can easily navigate and complete the insurance issuance process without cumbersome paperwork or lengthy phone calls.

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Travel Insurance

Stay covered during your adventures around the world.

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Term Insurance

A life insurance policy offering protection for a specified duration.

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Health Insurance

Ensure you have access to quality healthcare when you need it.

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Life Insurance

Provide financial security for your loved ones.

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Why Choose Metassure Insurance?

Revolutionizing the car insurance experience, where our platform integrates a solution within a single chat window, ensuring a hassle-free and personalised insurance experience.


Customer Service

Crafting tailored insurance solutions for every customer's unique needs

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Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates, Unmatched Coverage: Ensuring affordable insurance solutions

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Claims Processing

Swift and seamless claims for your security and satisfaction

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Quick Responce

Rapid Responses, Reliable Results: Ensuring your needs are met with speed and precision in every insurance interaction

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We strive for excellence, maintaining the highest standards in our daily work and the quality of services we deliver.

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Committed to delivering top-notch services and optimal solutions for our customers' needs.

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Most Asked Questions

Comprehensive Insurance is highly recommended as it provides complete coverage for your car. However, for older cars, a third-party policy is a cost-effective choice, offering mandatory coverage.

Purchasing or renewing car insurance online takes a few minutes. Visit metassure.ai, input details, pay the premium, and get an instant policy.

Trim your four-wheeler insurance premium by opting for a higher deductible, installing anti-theft devices, building your No Claim Bonus, avoiding unnecessary add-ons, and thoroughly comparing plans online.

Driving without at least third-party coverage is illegal in India. Penalties include fines and potential imprisonment for repeated offences.

No, the No Claim Bonus cannot be transferred to the new owner. It remains with the policy holder and can only be transferred to the new car of the same owner

No, your personal motor insurance policy typically doesn’t cover rental cars. Rental agencies usually offer separate insurance.

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Discover the industry's top car insurance providers with our list of leading insurers.


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