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Metassure Insurance, is transforming the Indian insurance sector through innovative partnerships with banks and technology-driven solutions. The insurance brand harnesses the potent advantages of blockchain technology to guarantee secure and transparent insurance processes. This digital transformation eradicates cumbersome paperwork, providing users with a streamlined and current method to obtain insurance coverage.


Metassure introduces a WhatsApp-based insurance issuance platform, streamlining the process and eliminating paperwork, focusing on FASTag users. With the introduction of India's first Insurance GPT enhancing customer service, the insurance brand has solidified its position in the global market. Strategic alliances with banks broaden the platform's reach, fostering inclusivity.


The company's forward-thinking approach integrates modern tools, including AI and blockchain, setting new industry standards. By prioritising user convenience and embracing cutting-edge technology— Metassure is simplifying insurance procurement, marking a significant shift towards hassle-free coverage.

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