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A health insurance policy is a guarantee that offers rapid financial assistance in the event of a medical emergency. It is an agreement that covers potential medical costs resulting from disease, accident, or injury between the policyholder and the insurance provider. If you have health insurance, the insurance company will pay for some or all of your medical bills; in exchange, you, the insured, will be required to pay a certain sum known as the premium.

There are two ways in which the insurance company compensates for your medical expenses:


In this case, there should be no payment due to the network hospital from the insured. Since the hospital is paid directly by the insurance provider.


In this case, the policyholder should pay for their medical bills out of pocket before requesting reimbursement from the insurance provider.


Everyone avoids getting a health insurance plan until they realize how important they are. Understanding the many advantages of a health insurance plan is essential before purchasing one, as medical problems can strike at any time and leave you with a sizable financial hole. As a result, it is best to purchase health insurance from a young age, when premiums are low and comprehensive coverage is available, along with the benefit of tax deductions for premium payments.

A health insurance policy ought to be acquired because:


It makes it possible for you to receive excellent medical care without worrying about incurring large medical bills.


Provides specific coverage for life-threatening conditions.


Pays for emergency roadside ambulance services.


Gives children's premium at a cheap price.


It enables cashless claim benefits so you can focus on taking care of your health rather than worrying about large medical costs.


Save your money for unexpected medical expenses.


Offers benefits under Section 80D for taxes.


Finally, it protects your savings and you and your family.


Individual or Self Health Insurance Plan

An individual health insurance policy is issued in the name of a single policyholder, meaning that the benefits and total insured coverage are solely intended for the insured and do not extend to third parties. Here, the policy is purchased by the individual to protect their own health, which in turn offers financial support in the event of an emergency relating to their own health.

Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

One policy that attempts to offer amount insured coverage to an individual as well as his family members is family floater health insurance. The family health insurance plan serves as a cover for the entire family, making it a preferable choice than purchasing individual policies for each member. Here, every member who has been insured by the same plan shares in the sum assured coverage.

Things to Avoid While Buying a Health Insurance Policy

Take your time and consider the following aspects before purchasing a health insurance policy:

Rushed Into Buying A Policy

Take your time selecting a health insurance plan. Conduct thorough research before deciding on the finest health insurance plan for your family. Prior to selecting a health insurance policy, you have the option to conduct independent research and evaluate online premium rates.

Choosing Insufficient Coverage

When purchasing a health plan, the cost of the premiums is a crucial factor. Avoid selecting limited or inadequate coverage for your policy to reduce the cost of your premiums. Choose a complete coverage plan instead, taking your family's size, medical history, and financial status into account.

Hiding Health-Related Details

Make sure you provide all the information required about your health, lifestyle, and any pre-existing conditions when buying a health insurance plan. Withholding pertinent medical history can have serious consequences since it can lead to insurance claims being denied due to medical information that was withheld.

Not Buying a Separate Health Insurance Policy

The medical coverage offered by your company is not comprehensive enough, so do not rely solely on it. Additionally, the contract shall end immediately upon your departure from the company. Purchasing a separate health insurance plan with a higher coverage amount that is unaffected by the terms and conditions of your present job is crucial.

Ignoring Terms and Conditions of the Policy Document

The policy document's terms and conditions should not be disregarded or overlooked. Your policy document contains all the information you need to know about coverage, premium prices, renewability requirements, discounts, sub-limits, waiting periods, free-look periods, co-payment clauses, and deductibles of any kind. Please do not hesitate to contact the relevant insurance provider if you still have questions about your health insurance coverage.

Buying a Policy For Just Saving Tax

Avoid purchasing a health insurance coverage just to avoid paying taxes on the premiums paid. While it is important to be aware of the tax benefits associated with paying health insurance premiums, the primary reason for purchasing a health insurance plan is to ensure that you and your family have enough coverage in case of emergencies or illnesses.


Most Asked Questions

Comprehensive Insurance is highly recommended as it provides complete coverage for your car. However, for older cars, a third-party policy is a cost-effective choice, offering mandatory coverage.

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Trim your four-wheeler insurance premium by opting for a higher deductible, installing anti-theft devices, building your No Claim Bonus, avoiding unnecessary add-ons, and thoroughly comparing plans online.

Driving without at least third-party coverage is illegal in India. Penalties include fines and potential imprisonment for repeated offences.

No, the No Claim Bonus cannot be transferred to the new owner. It remains with the policy holder and can only be transferred to the new car of the same owner

No, your personal motor insurance policy typically doesn’t cover rental cars. Rental agencies usually offer separate insurance.

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