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Go – Digit Car Insurance Plans in India

Comprehensive Plan

  • Plan Type: Comprehensive
  • Claims Settled: 96%
  • Price: ₹2599
  • Add-ons: Zero Depreciation, 24×7 Roadside Assistance, Engine Protection Cover, and more.

Third Party Plan

  • Plan Type: Third Party
  • Claims Settled: 96%
  • Price: ₹2094
  • Coverage: Basic coverage for third-party liabilities.

Own Damage Plan

  • Plan Type: Own Damage
  • Claims Settled: 96%
  • Price: ₹2292
  • Add-ons: Zero Depreciation, 24×7 Roadside Assistance, Engine Protection Cover, and more.

Pay As You Drive Plan

  • Plan Type: Pay As You Drive
  • Claims Settled: 96%
  • Price: ₹2800
  • Usage Options: 7,000 km, 10,000 km, 12,000 km, 15,000 km
  • Add-ons: Zero Depreciation, 24×7 Roadside Assistance, Engine Protection Cover, and more.

Key Features of Digit Car Insurance

  • Third-Party Coverage: Yes
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 96%
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Up to ₹15 Lakh
  • Network Garages: Repair Anywhere
  • No Claim Bonus: Available

Comprehensive Coverage

Go Digit Car Insurance provides comprehensive coverage that protects against a wide range of risks, including third-party liabilities and damages to the insured vehicle.

Claim Settlement Ratio: 96%

A high claim settlement ratio of 96% reflects the insurer’s efficiency in settling claims, instilling confidence in policyholders regarding the insurer’s reliability.

Personal Accident Insurance: Up to ₹15 Lakh

The insurance policy includes personal accident coverage for the driver/owner, offering financial protection in case of accidental death or bodily injury, with coverage extending up to ₹15 lakh.

Network Garages: Repair Anywhere

Go Digit Car Insurance provides the convenience of repairing your vehicle at any authorized garage within its extensive network, ensuring flexibility and ease in the claims process.

No Claim Bonus (NCB):

The policy offers a No Claim Bonus, providing a discount on the premium during policy renewal for policyholders who haven’t made any claims in the previous policy period, encouraging safe driving behavior.

Early Bird Discount on OD Premium:

Policyholders can benefit from an early bird discount on the Own Damage (OD) premium, rewarding proactive renewals and encouraging policy continuity.

Special Benefits: Car Pick-Up, Drop, and Repair Facility:

Go Digit Car Insurance offers special benefits, including car pick-up, drop, and repair facilities, adding convenience to the claims and repair process.

Quick and Hassle-Free Renewal Process:

The insurer ensures a quick and hassle-free renewal process, allowing policyholders to renew their car insurance seamlessly, minimizing paperwork and delays.

Variety of Plans: Comprehensive, Third Party, Own Damage, Pay As You Drive:

Go Digit provides a variety of plans to cater to different needs, including Comprehensive, Third Party, Own Damage, and Pay As You Drive plans, allowing customers to choose coverage that aligns with their requirements.

Add-On Options:

The insurance plans come with a range of add-ons such as Zero Depreciation, 24×7 Roadside Assistance, Engine Protection Cover, and more, allowing policyholders to customize their coverage based on specific needs.

Pay As You Drive Options:

Go Digit offers a Pay As You Drive plan with varying usage options (7,000 km, 10,000 km, 12,000 km, 15,000 km), providing flexibility for those who drive less.

Benefits of Digit Car Insurance

  • Early Bird discount on OD premium
  • Special benefits like car pick-up, drop, and repair facility
  • Quick and hassle-free renewal process
  • 96% claims settlement ratio
  • Personal Accident cover for the driver/owner

Types of Digit Car Insurance Policy

  1. Digit Private Car Liability Only Policy: Basic coverage for third-party liabilities.
  2. Digit Private Car Standalone Own Damage Policy: Additional coverage for damages to the insured car.
  3. Digit Private Car Policy: Comprehensive coverage for both third-party liabilities and own damages.

Digit Car Insurance Add-Ons

  1. Consumables Cover: This add-on covers the cost of consumable items that are used during the repair of your insured vehicle. These may include items such as nuts, bolts, engine oil, lubricants, and other similar components.
  2. Parts Depreciation Protect: With this add-on, Go Digit ensures that you receive the full value for the replacement of damaged parts without considering depreciation. It helps in maximizing the claim amount for repairs or replacements.
  3. Pay As You Drive Cover: This feature provides flexibility in premium payments based on the actual usage of the vehicle. Policyholders can choose from different kilometers-driven options (7,000 km, 10,000 km, 12,000 km, 15,000 km) and pay premiums accordingly.
  4. Engine and Gearbox Protect: The Engine and Gearbox Protect add-on provides financial assistance for repairs or replacements of the insured vehicle’s engine and gearbox. It covers damages caused by events like water damage, oil spills, or breakdowns.
  5. Breakdown Assistance Cover: This add-on ensures that policyholders receive timely assistance in case of a breakdown. Services may include towing, fuel delivery, flat tire repair, and minor repairs, providing peace of mind during unexpected roadside issues.
  6. Tyre Protect Cover: Tyre Protect Cover reimburses the policyholder for the repair or replacement of damaged tires. It offers financial relief from the expenses associated with tire-related issues, contributing to overall cost savings.
  7. Return to Invoice Cover: In the unfortunate event of a total loss, theft, or constructive total loss of the insured vehicle, the Return to Invoice Cover ensures that the policyholder receives the invoice value of the vehicle. This helps in preserving the purchase price.
  8. Daily Conveyance Benefit: Daily Conveyance Benefit compensates for daily travel expenses incurred when the insured vehicle is in the garage for repairs. It ensures that the policyholder can commute without worrying about additional expenses during the repair period.
  9. Car Key and Lock Protect: This add-on reimburses the policyholder for the expenses incurred in replacing lost, stolen, or damaged car keys, including any repairs to the lock-set. It provides financial coverage for unexpected key-related issues.
  10. Loss to Personal Belongings Cover: Loss to Personal Belongings Cover compensates for the loss and damage to personal belongings, including electronic equipment, that are stolen from the insured vehicle. It adds an extra layer of protection beyond regular coverage.

How to Renew Digit Car Insurance?

  1. Select “Car Insurance.”
  2. Enter car details for instant renewal quotes.
  3. Fill in required details and choose the plan.
  4. Add any additional covers.
  5. Enter previous No Claim Bonus discount.
  6. Proceed with the payment.
  7. Receive policy documents via email after payment.

How to File a Claim Under Digit Car Insurance?

Intimate the insurer about the incident:In the event of an accident or any incident that requires a claim, the first step is to inform Digit Car Insurance about the incident. This can be done by contacting the insurer through their customer support helpline or using the designated claim intimation process mentioned in the policy document.

Receive a self-inspection link on your mobile:After intimating the insurer, you will typically receive a self-inspection link on your mobile. This link is designed to streamline the claims process by allowing you to provide details about the damages to your vehicle through a self-inspection.

Submit pictures of damages through the inspection link:Using the self-inspection link, you’ll be prompted to capture and submit pictures of the damages to your insured vehicle. This may include images of dents, scratches, or any other damages sustained during the incident.Ensure that the pictures are clear and comprehensive, providing a detailed view of the damages. This step helps the insurer assess the extent of the damage and determine the appropriate course of action for the claim settlement.

Claim settled based on chosen mode (cashless or reimbursement):Once you have submitted the necessary information and pictures through the self-inspection link, the insurer will review the details and assess the claim. Depending on the nature of the claim and the policyholder’s preference, the claim can be settled in one of two modes:

    • Cashless Settlement: If you choose the cashless mode, and the repairs are to be done at one of the network garages, the insurer directly settles the repair expenses with the garage. This means you won’t have to pay for the covered repairs out of pocket.
    • Reimbursement Settlement: If you prefer to choose your own garage or the repairs are completed before informing the insurer, you can opt for reimbursement. In this case, you pay for the repairs initially and then submit the bills, receipts, and other required documents to the insurer for reimbursement.

Documents Required for Claim

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Copy of car’s Registration Certificate
  • Copy of valid driving license
  • Copy of Police FIR
  • Original estimate, invoice, and payment receipt

Key Features of Car Insurance by Digit

Key Features Digit Benefit
Premium Starting from ₹2094
No Claim Bonus Up to 50% Discount
Customizable Add-Ons 10 Add-ons available
Cashless Repairs Available at 6000+ Garages with Doorstep Pickup & Drop
Claim Process Smartphone-enabled Claim process. Can be done online within 7 minutes!
Own Damage Cover Available
Damages to Third-Party Unlimited Liability for Personal Damages, Up to 7.5 Lakhs for Property/Vehicle Damages

Third-Party vs Comprehensive

Third-Party Comprehensive
Damages/Losses to own car due to an accident ×
Damages/Losses to own car in case of fire ×
Damages/Losses to own car in case of a natural calamity ×
Damages to Third-Party Vehicle
Damages to Third-Party Property
Personal Accident Cover
Injuries/Death of a Third-Party Person
Theft of your car ×
Customize your IDV ×
Extra protection with customized add-ons ×

Third Party Car Insurance Premium Rates

A Third-Party Car Insurance Premium Calculator depends on your car’s engine cc, and even the respective premium rates are predetermined by the IRDAI, which are as follows:

Private Cars with Engine Capacity The premium for 2019-20 in INR New 4W TP rate (effective 1st June 2022)
Not Exceeding 1000 cc ₹2072 ₹2094
Exceeding 1000 cc but not exceeding 1500 cc ₹3221 ₹3416
Exceeding 1500 cc ₹7890 ₹7897
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